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Quotes of the Week


  "New Orleans suffered a steeper population decline than any other city in the country thanks to Hurricane Katrina, which displaced much of the population and made it difficult — if not impossible — for some to return. However, the majority of those who were displaced have since begun to return to the city, as have a number of new residents and businesses. So while the city's population may be down from what it was in 2000, it is clearly on the rise going into the new decade." Newsweek, oddly citing New Orleans as being "on the rise" while naming it No. 1 in a list titled "America's Dying Cities." Newsweek, which has lost more than $44 million since 2007, was sold in August 2010 by the Washington Post Company to investor Sidney Harman for the sum of $1 — $3.95 less than it costs to buy a single issue of the troubled newsweekly.

"It is Newsweek that is dying. NOLA is thriving with an influx of young civic-minded new residents. If anything, Katrina actually helped this transformation. I applaud the city rising from the ashes and wish I could be a part of it." Jim Gilbert, commenting on the Newsweek site

"This is somebody who is sitting in an office that's writing something that they don't know what they are talking about. It makes you cringe a little bit." — Mayor Mitch Landrieu on Newsweek's list

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