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Quotes of the Week


    "THE END OF DIXIECRATIC LOUISIANA." — Headline on a Feb. 2 article by's David Weigel.

"After consulting with my family, friends and closest advisers, I have decided to accept the invitation to join the Republican Party. I do so after considerable thought and reflection, and hopefully with as little fanfare as possible. I understand that many are watching and interested in the dynamics of this change and will speculate upon it for some time. The truth is that this change of party is in line with thousands of everyday people who simply feel more comfortable with most of what the Republican Party represents locally and nationally." — Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell on Feb. 2, confirming the party switch Gambit's Jeremy Alford originally reported Jan. 26. Caldwell's flip to the GOP means Louisiana no longer has any elected statewide Democratic officials in Baton Rouge, a situation Gambit outlined in last week's cover story, "Pin the Fail on the Donkey."

  "Buddy Caldwell was elected Attorney General with strong backing from Democratic supporters, including many African-American voters. It is disappointing to see him turn away from this support. I am confident the Democratic Party will field a strong candidate for this position when it comes up for election in the fall." — Sen. Mary Landrieu, now the last statewide elected Democrat.

  "A career politician can change the letter after his name, but a leopard can't change its spots. Buddy Caldwell is a Democrat at heart and the voters of Louisiana are smart enough to know an opportunist when they see one." — Kevin Franck, communications director for the Louisiana Democratic Party.

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