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Quotes of the Week

  "I just pray that the President might listen to us and actually make a concerted effort towards giving us our wetlands back, our barrier islands back. ... If he came and would actually see the amount of oil that's floating in the Gulf and not be hidden from his eyes, he'd be amazed." — Musician Dr. John, who has assembled a coalition of musicians including Bonnie Raitt, R.E.M. and My Morning Jacket to continue putting pressure on the White House regarding the Gulf oil disaster. Dr. John, who has spoken out loudly on the oil disaster all along, told Politico, "It's ridiculous the amount of pressure oil companies are putting on Washington. It's like having the criminals in charge of the crime site."

  "I think it's actually good for Louisiana. I went out and actually supported candidates who agree with us that 'Obamacare' is an unfunded mandate on the state, not only Louisiana, but other states." — Gov. Bobby Jindal on WWL-TV, responding to criticism of his frequent travel in support of other GOP politicians. He added, "I think that going out to support these candidates is good for Louisiana."

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