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Quotes of the Week [10/11/2010]


"I don't want to be taken as a religious zealot, but I do see the presence of God in my being here. There must be a purpose. And if I lose now, there must be purpose in that." — Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao, in The Washington Post, Oct. 3.

"Republican Rep. Joseph Cao — in an act of either selfless concern or political expediency — says he 'must' warn President Obama that the Democratic candidate he's endorsed in the race has a history of ethical problems. " — Fox News, Oct. 4, after President Barack Obama endorsed state Rep. Cedric Richmond, Cao's Democratic challenger.

"Your skin folks ain't always your kin folks." Sandra "18-Wheeler" Hester, professional school board irritant and former public access TV star, at a meeting of the New Orleans City Council.

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