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QUOTES OF THE WEEK [Week of May 18,2010]


  "The Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean. The amount of volume of oil and dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the total water volume." — BP chief executive Tony Hayward to the UK newspaper the Guardian, May 13.

  "Ray Nagin is Na-gone, the city is enjoying a second springtime when it should ordinarily be early summer, hot and muggy, and yet, walking around today, there's a strange chemical smell in the air, something like heavy-duty charcoal lighter fluid. 'Everybody at the dog park,' said a friend, walking his low-slung Labrador-cum-basset, 'thinks it's dispersant.' The oil spill has come to the heart of New Orleans." Harry Shearer, writing in The Huffington Post.

  "Mr. Brown says he has become an expert, an expert on botched responses. That is why I had Michael Brown on." — Fox News host Neil Cavuto, defending his decision to interview former FEMA head and botched-response expert Michael "Brownie" Brown regarding the BP catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico.

  "For every day the oil continues to flow up from the sea bed — destroying the lives of tens of thousands who rely on the Gulf for their livelihood, ruining the habitats of hundreds of species of birds and animals that live in the wetlands and barrier islands, further degrading wetlands that protect south Louisiana from hurricanes, which were already undermined by oil company canals and pipelines — British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward loses a digit. A digit a day. He can choose, start out with pinky toes if he wants, but if he doesn't do something to end the flow quickly, he'll find himself with no fingers or toes left and we'll have to get creative. Either with him or maybe we'll start with the Transocean or Halliburton CEOs." — New Orleans attorney Billy Sothern's modest proposal for speeding Gulf Coast recovery.

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