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Quotes of the Week: Super Bowl Edition


  "It's like waiting 43 years to hear somebody say 'I love you' back." Wynton Marsalis

  "New Orleans: Get ready to party with the Lombardi." — Jim Henderson, WWL-TV

  "This thing laid in my bed next to me last night. I rolled over; I probably drooled on it." — Saints coach Sean Payton on the Lombardi Trophy

  "The city descended on Bourbon Street. New Orleanians, as a general rule, do not like to go there. It is a tourist trap, too crowded and cheap. But on Sunday night it was a beating, living, pulsating mass of people, like a capitol city of some country after a dictator has been overthrown." Campbell Robertson, The New York Times

  "Even sober people came here for this — and that's not something you normally see this time of year in New Orleans." Tish Welch-Slusher of Sulphur, La., in The Wall Street Journal

  "I think I'm going to be drunk for about 30 days." — Saints linebacker Scott Fujita, after the game

  "Blacks, whites, Hispanics, men, women, all joined in celebration. There were all of the above making out in every combination possible. It was pretty much Pat Robertson's nightmare." — New Orleans blogger Nola-dishu (, on the post-Super Bowl scene on Magazine Street

  "Here's the great thing about New Orleans. They were going to throw you a party whether you won or lost." David Letterman to Drew Brees, the day after the Super Bowl

  "Who was the real marketing winner of Super Bowl XVLI? ... There was only one true, clear-cut marketing winner Sunday night as the confetti flew and the trophy was awarded. New Orleans." Advertising Age

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