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Quotes of the Week- [ Nov. 17, 2009 ]


  "Louisianians don't want the federal government telling us how to eat our oysters any more than we want a bureaucrat in Washington telling us how to make a roux, and today the FDA heard that loud and clear." — Rep. Charlie Melancon, joining forces with Sen. Mary Landrieu on Nov. 10 to protest a Food and Drug Administration proposal to ban the sale of fresh, live Gulf Coast oysters during warm-weather months unless they are processed. The ban would begin in 2011.

  "We have convicted more violent criminals in the first six months of 2009 than we did in either of the years 2008 or 2007. We want to keep this thing rolling, and I need your help and I need your support." — District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro, addressing the New Orleans City Council Nov. 10. The city is facing a $68 million budget deficit in 2010, and Cannizzaro was pleading with the council not to cut funds to his office.

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