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Quotes of the week: Joel Robideaux and Nick Scramuzza


  "We're not going to hear bills to raise revenue unless we have a repeal of other taxes to keep the revenue neutrality in place." — State Rep. Joel Robideaux, R-Lafayette, exemplifying the tortuous doublespeak underway last week at the Capitol, where lawmakers struggled to find ways to plug the state's estimated $1.6 billion budget hole while remaining "revenue neutral."

  "You just opened up a can of whupass on lots of neighbors in the city." — Nick Scramuzza, co-owner of Lost Love Lounge, as quoted by local writer Michael Patrick Welch in The Guardian. Scramuzza is worried about outdoor noise complaints following the implementation of last week's smoking ordinance, but says he's for the ban overall. Regarding New Orleans' neighborhood bars, which sometimes directly abut homes, Welch explained, "This neighborly coexistence is a big part of what makes New Orleans different and charming, like some alcoholic Sesame Street."

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