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Quotes of the Week [August 9, 2010]


  "The vast majority of the oil has been contained, it's been burned, it's been cleaned." — White House energy adviser Carol Browner on Aug. 4, the day the National Incident Command released a report estimating 74 percent of the spill has been burned, skimmed or otherwise recovered.

  "I find it very hard to believe — impossible, actually — that they have three-quarters of the oil accounted for." — Samantha Joye, professor of marine sciences at the University of Georgia.

  "There are still boats out there every day working, finding turtles with oil on them and seeing grass lines with oil in it. Certainly all the oil isn't accounted for. There are millions of pounds of tar balls and oil on the bottom." — Orange Beach, Ala. charter boat captain Randy Boggs, dismissing the government's claim.

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