Gambit at 35: Four quotes from 1981


Where she keeps the ducks, nobody knows. Not much is known about Ruthie. Some stories say she is a ward of the state, others say she is the heiress of a wealthy family. ... French Quarter locals watch over the areas of her innocence, and several gay bars give her a place to drink and sleep. She never goes hungry for attention.
Ron Cuccia on Ruthie the Duck Lady
"There's No Success Like Failure"
Oct. 3, 1981

If we are headed for 20 years of Republicanism, maybe [the Moral Majority will] continue to be a force, but you know, they aren't even effective with Ronald Reagan. He didn't do much for them. So maybe they'll just remain on the fringe. But I don't think they can keep themselves organized for a political effort that long because I don't believe their followers are that genuinely interested in politics. I don't know."
Iris Kelso
pioneering political journalist
Oct. 24, 1981

To real estate speculators, Treme is the future Vieux Carre, a neighborhood where moneyed young renovators will flock to transform the now-ramshackle dwellings into pristine museum pieces valued in the lower six-figure range."
Mark Thompson
"Treme at the Crossroads"
Aug. 6, 1981

The danger in handing over transit to a regional authority is that it will fail to protect the apparently uneconomical but badly needed routes into poorer areas of the city, dropping them in favor of main lines to the suburbs which are also needed. If that happens, the social fabric of New Orleans will be torn apart, nothing less.
Dec. 5, 1981


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