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Quote of the week: Kyle Plotkin


  "Hey @CenLamar-that's not the official portrait. Constituent loaned it. This 1's official. Thx 4 ur race-baiting tweet." — Gov. Bobby Jindal's chief of staff Kyle Plotkin in a tweet sent Feb. 3. @CenLamar — aka political blogger Lamar White Jr., who recently broke open Congressman Steve Scalise's attendance at a white supremacist meeting in 2002 — had tweeted a portrait of Jindal appearing significantly whiter than his actual skin color, setting off a firestorm of tweets lampooning Jindal. Attached to Plotkin's tweet was the governor's "official" portrait. Plotkin also retweeted several tweets from "liberals who are trolling me and think that the Governor looks insufficiently brown in the painting" followed by "there r plenty more race-baiting tweets about Gov Jindal not being brown enough in a portrait loaned by a constituent."

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