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Jindal national profile edition


  "Bobby Jindal continues to have the worst poll numbers of just about any elected official in the country. If he gets into the presidential race, he'll be doing it with very little support from his home state." Dean Debnam, president of the firm Public Policy Polling, which surveyed Louisiana voters at the end of June and published the results last week.

  "The current governor, Bobby Jindal (R), and [Sen. David] Vitter, well ... I am trying to think of a delicate way to say this. Oh, what the hell: They hate each other." — Louisiana political pundit James Carville, in an essay for The Hill titled "Four Good Reasons to Watch Louisiana Race This Season." Carville also addressed the increasing political involvement of the Robertsons, stars of the faux-reality show Duck Dynasty: "I suspect we will be hearing more from the Robertson family, as it appears the only thing they like more than duck hunting is giving their political opinion on any issue that comes their way."

  "The Ivy Leaguer tries so dang hard to sound convincing as a gun-packing, government-hating good ol' boy with a genealogy to match, that he'll never be able to navigate his way to a single, politically credible (or even definable) self. In his present incarnation as a Tea Party-friendly microphone-grabber, Jindal can't win on the national level, unless he's really shooting for the vice presidential nomination or a do-nothing cabinet slot. You know, one of those government departments Rick Perry wanted to get rid of but just couldn't remember by name." Andrew Burstein and Nancy Isenberg in Salon, concluding an essay titled, "Bobby Jindal's sad search: How he seeks political relevance in today's GOP."

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