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Quote of the week


  "Bobby Jindal and his political team totally blew it. ... Bobby Jindal's presidential campaign is over. He screwed this up so bad. And I don't know why. The campaign knew it was moving numbers over Obamacare. And the RGA [Republican Governors Association] was not very far from that information; they could have obtained it themselves. ... They just blew it." — An unnamed advisor to Virginia gubernatorial hopeful Ken Cuccinelli on The Daily Caller website, blaming RGA head Jindal for Cuccinelli's loss to Democratic challenger Terry McAuliffe last week.

  The Cuccinelli team was sore that the RGA hadn't poured more money into their campaign and that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (who was re-elected the same night) hadn't come to stump for the Republican candidate. They may have had their reasons; Cuccinelli was the lawmaker who sought to make women seeking abortions submit to state-mandated transvaginal probes. In July, as the state's attorney general, Cuccinelli created a website advocating the return of sodomy laws (including oral sex), which the U.S. Supreme Court struck down 10 years ago.

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