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  "Who the heck are these people? We know the millions of visitors who flock here every year to experience our music, food, architecture, history and traditions would certainly disagree." — Mayor Mitch Landrieu, reacting to a study by the urban-planning group CEOs of Cities, which placed New Orleans dead last among American cities when it came to culture — based on a 2007 survey of the number of cultural events in a city versus the number of households with an HDTV.

  The 2007 numbers, of course, came in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when New Orleans was still struggling to get on its feet — and residents were buying new furniture. A day after Gambit reported on the study, CEOs for Cities issued a statement, which said in part, "The intent of our research is not to rank one city above another, but to provide a set of tools for exploring the performance of your city, and how you can work to improve it."

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