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Quote of the Week


  "Since Bobby Jindal has done such a tremendous job wreaking havoc on Louisiana's children, working families and teachers, the Louisiana Democratic Party today threw its full support behind Jindal for the GOP Vice Presidential nomination. The Louisiana Democratic Party encourages Bobby Jindal to go after his national ambitions, but for the first time not at the expense of the people of Louisiana. While analysts call him a long shot, the LDP believes Jindal should resign and leave Louisiana for the GOP Vice Presidential campaign trail to shore up his chances with Mitt 'Say Anything to Get Elected' Romney." — An official, though tongue-in-cheek, April 11 press release from the Louisiana Democratic Party. Timmy Teepell, a Jindal political consultant, jabbed back at the Democrats in a statement: "It's good to know that there's still a Democrat party in Louisiana, and that they still have the confidence of [President Barack] Obama."

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