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Quote of the Week


  "I hesitate to even dignify the false media reports with a response, but obviously they are leading people astray. I want no special perks. My job is to get a fair deal for all players, and I am proud to represent them all — past, present and future. All media claims about me wanting a personal reward for this deal are false. I hope you all know me better than that." — New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees on his Twitter account July 19. Brees, a plaintiff in the players' antitrust suit against the National Football League, was responding to resentment among some others that he and Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning were among players who asked for franchise tag exemptions as part of the settlement. Brees' defense came the same day that Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe took to Twitter to complain "once again greed is the operative byword" and call Brees and Manning "douchebags."

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