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Quote of the Week


  "The Democrats have the candidates. They're now deciding which ones will come forth and offer their talents." — Buddy Leach, head of the Louisiana Democratic Party, at the Baton Rouge Press Club June 27. Leach mentioned a list of possible Democratic candidates, including New Orleans-area figures like state Senate President Joel Chaisson, Caroline Fayard, John Georges and Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, but offered no specifics as to who might be running for which office.

  "Gov. Bobby Jindal gets endorsement from senator he refused to endorse last year" — Sen. David Vitter on his Twitter account (@DavidVitter), pointedly retweeting a headline about his endorsement of Jindal for re-election. In the 2010 Senate election, Jindal kept his distance from his fellow Republican, saying he thought voters were "smart enough to make up their own minds."

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