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Quote of the week: Stephen Colbert


  "When it comes to 2016, I'm Jindal all the way. ... Jindal's a two-term governor of Louisiana, a champion of small business and starting this year he's allowed to stay out past 11 o'clock."

Stephen Colbert as his All-American alter-ego on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report on Sept. 30, reviewing Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's appearance at the Values Voter Summit. Colbert took jabs at Jindal's nerdy disposition and refusal to talk evolutionary science, despite holding an honors degree in biology from Brown University. Jindal fired back with a series of tweets to Colbert, including, "missed ur show last night, was too busy pulling out pages on evolution in my kids' biology textbooks" and "my kids tell me they're learning about Charles Darwin in school...Common Core math is getting weird."

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