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Quote of the week: Scott McKay


  "Those of us living in the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina, and particularly those of us hailing from New Orleans, feel a sense of schadenfreude by Hastert's recent run of bad luck. It was Hastert, after all, who made the moronic comment that rebuilding an under-sea-level New Orleans would be a waste and that the city could be bulldozed — and he made those comments while the flooded city was still in chaos. ... After that episode, most New Orleanians would find any fate up to and including Hastert's dying in a fire perfectly acceptable. This one fits within that universe." — The Hayride publisher Scott McKay, writing in The American Spectator about former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert's indictment by a federal grand jury on charges of violating banking laws in taking out $3.5 million in "structured" withdrawals designed to evade federal reporting standards. Federal sources have told several news outlets that the payments were made to a man in order to buy his silence on sexual matters and were related to Hastert's days as a high school wrestling coach.

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