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Quote of the week: David Vitter


  "The policy of rewarding terrorists, authoritarianism and cruelty with concessions should not be the legacy we pursue. Therefore, I ask that you host a screening of comedy film The Interview for Members of Congress in the White House the week of January 5th, to be followed by a serious discussion of the strong, substantive retaliatory measures we plan to take as a nation against cyberattacks." — Sen. David Vitter, in one of his many open letters to President Barack Obama, after Sony Pictures pulled the comedy following a cyberattack on the company's servers that later was traced by the FBI to the nation of North Korea. Sony later reversed its decision, releasing the movie to a number of independent theaters. Chalmette Movies opened the picture on Christmas Day and screened it all week.

  Vitter later sent an email to his gubernatorial campaign supporters, urging them to see the movie and inviting them to watch it with him Dec. 29 at Chalmette Movies.

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