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Quote of the week: David Vitter


  "I strongly support the Common Core standards. When you actually look at the standards — which is what Common Core is about — people who really read them, that may not be a whole, whole, whole lot, but when you look at them I think they're very strong, significant, positive standards." — Sen. David Vitter, joining the flip-flop club when it comes to the controversial Common Core educational standards. At a fundraiser in January, Vitter called the standards "heavy-handed big government education policies." Common Core is supported by many business organizations in Louisiana, and Vitter has announced he's running for governor next year.

  It's the mirror image of Gov. Bobby Jindal's own flip-flop; Jindal praised Common Core when it was first developed by the National Governors Association and is now trying to lead the charge against it in Louisiana since the program has proved unpopular among many right-wing Republicans.

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