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Quote of the week: Bethany Blankley


  "One of the most impressive leaders I have ever met is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. A strong family man, devoted husband, father and son, and perhaps one of the most astute and articulate politicians I know, he's also quite hip. With sincerity oozing from his pores, one is immediately drawn to his passion for life and his commitment to bringing about good for his neighbors, family and the electorate who overwhelmingly voted for him four times.

  "Not only has he turned Louisiana's economy around, streamlined and improved its healthcare structure, but he is a leading voice in offering solutions for energy independence and public education. Yet his effectiveness as leader and politician is rooted in his fire for God, which fans the flames of faith, Punjab — and — Cajun style."

  — Bethany Blankley, a political analyst for Fox News Radio, writing at Blankley praised Jindal's leadership on public education during a week when it was announced the state would have to cut up to $360 million from Louisiana's public colleges and universities in fiscal year 2015-2016. At the time, Jindal was in Europe on a speaking tour that's clearly designed to give him some foreign policy cred before his anticipated presidential campaign announcement.

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