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Purity Ring and Young Magic

Noah Bonaparte Pais on the bands set to rock the Maison



Purity Ring has 18 dates scheduled in January; 11 are sold out, and the first one with tickets available is this one. As with cupcakes and craft cocktails, it's taken this particular trend a little longer to reach New Orleans, but the Canadian duo's first local show — at the relatively intimate Maison, hardly Webster Hall — could be akin to that first taste of to-go Doberge or Averna Amaro. Such are the addictive properties of Corin Roddick and Megan James' music, a juxtaposition of Tiffany girl-pop squeaks and Timbaland hip-hop beats so pleasurable it feels unhealthy just to listen. Every song on their debut LP Shrines (4AD), compiled from snapshot singles released in 2011-12, juts out and glistens like a stalactite icicle, sharp enough to prick: James toeing a ledge from which she never falls, conflating romance with mutilation ("Cut open my sternum and pull/ My little ribs around you ... You make a fine shrine in me"); Roddick mincing and rendering his backup vocals unrecognizable, bass-jumping but always in service of the track. And what tracks: "Crawlersout," "Fineshrine," "Ungirthed," "Belispeak," "Obedear," each a pinging portmanteau, Sleigh Bells cheerleaders cut with the Knife. Young Magic opens. Tickets $13 in advance, $15 day of show.

— Noah Bonaparte Pais

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