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Public Image Ltd and John Lydon

8:15 PM saturday carnival stage



John Lydon requested his Voodoo Music + Arts Experience audience bring a gas mask: "I'm going to fart continuously."

  That was Lydon's welcome message announcing the recently reunited Public Image Ltd's 20-date North American tour and new album, September's What the World Needs Now... It's Lydon's return to New Orleans following an abrupt last-minute cancellation of an all-star Jesus Christ Superstar tour meant to launch at the UNO Lakefront Arena in 2014. Lydon was set to star as King Herod.

  "All I've ever really tried to do is communicate honestly to my fellow other human beings," he told Gambit in 2014. "My songs are usually self-analysis and finding out faults in myself and sharing those with others — and attacking social systems that create inequality and victimize the human race. And now as Herod, I am the spiritual leader of all things bad for me. I am playing my own worst enemy. That's got to be thrilling."

  Following the break up and break down of his Sex Pistols, Lydon — aka Johnny Rotten — has led PiL's acerbic, dissonant and/or droning post-punk with his snotty, vociferous rants, which he continues with great relish on What the World Needs Now... (the answer, by the way, is "another f— off"). One final "P.S." in his message to Voodoo attendees: "I want to see Donald Trump misrepresented with the greatest possible glee throughout New Orleans on Halloween night."

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