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Promo: How to incorporate edible plants in your garden (and even kitchen!)

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Hold on, everyone. We promise the heat is wrapping up soon and since we’ve made it through June and July; August should be a breeze (or lack thereof).

Then we have fall. The glorious time where we get a little cooler, a little dryer, and we actually entertain the thought of emerging from the A.C. for a little fresh air.

We propose your first outdoor adventure be to show off your Louisiana pride with a front yard and garden makeover. We’ve chosen a few of our favorites thanks to some tips from Dr. Christine Coker, Associate Research and Extension Professor of Urban Horticulture at Mississippi State University, and her upcoming presentation, Edible Landscaping, at Farm to Table Experience, August 18-20, in New Orleans.

Edible landscaping is the incorporation of edible plants in your yard or garden. It doesn’t require a designated plot and combines the visual appeal of traditional gardening with the nutritional benefits of growing your own produce. There are trees, flowers, grasses, and even vines that can contribute to your kitchen savvy, your home’s curb appeal, and your proud Louisiana roots (pun intended).

Conadria Fig Trees are not only resilient through heat waves and wet climates, but will show off your Mardi Gras pride all year long with gold and purple summer figs! Whether you choose a regular tree or take a ride on the fancy side with an espalier, the green leaves and colorful fruit will impress your krewe all year long.

Chives are incredibly hardy and love the sun. Chives are the perfect border for your front walk and garnish for any dish. Chives also have purple blossoms in the spring and early summer.

Strawberries are a great groundcover plant for edible landscaping. Louisiana is known for its incredible Ponchatoula Strawberries and for good reason. Their shallow roots work well in Louisiana soil and the plants require a lot of water. It’s also our state fruit!

But that local pride doesn’t have to be limited to homeowners. For all the apartment-dwellers, many of Coker’s edible landscaping picks can be potted and kept inside or in hanging pots. Peppers, tomatoes, and other herbs look colorful in the kitchen and provide easy access to fresh, wholesome ingredients.

For more information, tips, and edible landscaping suggestions, be sure to attend Coker’s session at the Farm to Table Experience on August 18.

Content provided by the Farm to Table Experience.

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