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Promo: Debunking 3 Popular Myths about Oysters

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Do oysters make you randy?

Well, maybe. It depends on who you ask.

In celebration of National Oyster Day on August 5th, we’re honoring these curiously delectable creatures by tackling a few of the most common misperceptions about oysters.

By the way, did you know that the gulf coast harvests more than 500 million pounds of in-shell oysters each year? But, who’s counting?

Let’s breakdown three popular oyster myths.

1. While delicious, oysters are not very nutritious.

False. These succulent morsels of yumminess are an excellent source of protein and many essential vitamins and minerals, including: high levels of calcium, iron, and Vitamin A, which are all essential for healthy bones, blood, and eyesight.

2. Oysters should only be consumed in months with the letter “R.”

This is one of the oldest misconceptions today. Lucky for us, this is not true. However, there are several factors that contribute to this caution.

This advice originally stems from the days before refrigeration when oysters would sit out for hours in the hot sun. Nowadays, guided by strict regulations, oysters meant for raw consumption must be refrigerated immediately after harvest. Those that are not, are tagged for cooking or post-harvest processing only.

In addition, oysters spawn in the warmer months (May to August) which can sometimes lead to a less than savory taste and texture. While you can safely enjoy oysters yearlong, expect peak flavor outside these warmer months. And, as with any raw or undercooked foods, individuals with a compromised immune system should avoid eating raw oysters and only enjoy them fully cooked. If you are unsure of your risks, always check with your physician first.

3. Oysters are an aphrodisiac

We’re actually not sure. Oysters are said to be the secret to Casanova’s magnetism with women. He allegedly consumed 50 raw oysters a day just for breakfast! Although there are few studies that show oysters increase your sexual drive, therapists treating patients for sexual disorders often recommend eating oysters because of their high levels of zinc. Zinc is a key mineral for sexual health in men, and oysters contain more zinc per serving than any other food.

So to all our fellow oyster lovers, we say, bottoms up!

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