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HS-ProductProfile 7-18-06 Savor the Flavor Local designer takes fleur-de-lerium to the wall. By Kara Nelson Photos courtesy Flavor Paper Jon Sherman's new Fleur de Saveur, a 2006 line of Flavor Paper, combines ubiquitous fleur de lis designs into flowers to cover your walls. Shnozberry? Who ever heard of a shnozberry?" asks the know-it-all, want-it-all Veruca Salt, her sharp tongue tinged with the tastes of Willy Wonka's lickable wall paper.

Upon seeing local designer Jon Sherman's new wallpaper pattern, one might ask, hopefully in a tone more becoming than Veruca's exacting whines: Fleur de Saveur? Who ever heard of a Fleur de Saveur?

"I thought of it as a kind of New Orleans French way to say 'flavor flower,'" Jon Sherman says of the new design he created for his company, Flavor Paper. It's five fleurs-de-lis stylized into one flower and then into a repeating pattern.

Part of Flavor Paper's spring 2006 collection, you might assume that Fleur de Saveur was conceived to be Sherman's contribution to the wave of "fleur-de-lerium" -- a buying and selling frenzy of fleur-de-lis merchandise -- currently sweeping through the city as the fleur-de-lis emerges as a unifying symbol of rebirth and renewal for many New Orleanians. But, in fact, the pattern's inception for Flavor Paper was pre-Katrina.

"I'd started working on it before the storm, and then resumed with the design when we came back." explains Sherman, adding that it's actually part of a collection of New Orleans-themed patterns he has in the works. He hopes to unveil a New Orleans toile and a Mardi Gras Indian-inspired damask in the coming months.

Flavor Paper specializes in vintage, contemporary and custom hand-screened wall coverings and is the legacy of a small 1970s wallpaper workshop originally founded on the Oregon coast.

Featuring vibrant colors and psychedelic designs -- some outlandish enough to be Wonka-worthy -- Flavor Paper is likable, if not lickable, and is getting noticed in the design community both nationally and internationally. Showrooms in six U.S. cities, installations in Manhattan nightclubs and department stores, and famous clients like Lenny Kravitz and Laurence Fishburne hint at a cosmopolitan image, but the company is at its heart a local business.

After Hurricane Katrina, having sustained only minimal damage to its building in the Bywater, the Flavor Lab (4213 Chartres St., 944-0447; reopened in October 2005 and continues to build its business from the Ninth Ward. Today, a portion of the proceeds from sales of Flavor Paper's spring 2006 New Orleans Rebirth Collection are being donated to the company's nonprofit arm, The Flavor Saver Foundation, to benefit the Tipitina's Foundation's mission to preserve New Orleans' music and culture.

The Fleur de Saveur pattern is available in solid and outline-only varieties and in multiple colors. Flavor Paper is hand printed in three-roll bolts, 27 inches wide (trimmed) and 45 feet long. Retail single roll prices begin at $150. Trade discounts are available for bolt quantities.

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