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Preview: Weed with High

The bands are baked into the schedule at Sisters in Christ March 16



On one hand, Weed frontman Will Anderson swears he doesn't partake in the devil's lettuce — he's never even touched the stuff, according to an interview last year with Noisey. On the other, he is the frontman of a band called Weed, performing this week in the regional onramp to Austin, Texas' South By Southwest with another band called High. That Weed (not to be confused with stoner-metal trio Weedeater, booked at Siberia on Tuesday) plays lightheaded, lo-fi grunge rock further clouds the matter: Running Back (Lefse), its current release, is precisely the kind of herbaceous soundtrack to which you could picture Eric Stoltz polishing off a box of Corn Pops while watching vintage cartoons. Throw in that the band is planted in Vancouver, B.C. — a pothead promised land where marijuana can be purchased from vending machines — and Anderson's comments couldn't smell skunkier if the native Wisconsinite had named his band Cheddar and claimed to be lactose-intolerant. None of this matters, of course; no substance is necessary to enjoy Running Back's hot-boxed reverb and peeling feedback meted out by the ounce. But as Jon Stewart circa 1998 would say, "Have you ever heard Weed ... on weed?" High opens. Tickets $5.

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