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Preview: Tobias Jesso Jr.

The singer/songwriter comes to One Eyed Jacks Oct. 23



Tobias Jesso Jr.'s debut LP Goon (True Panther Sounds) is that letter to an ex he may have regretted the minute he hit send. He can't stop thinking about you, can hardly breathe without you, doesn't know what he'd be without you. He gives up fights on a Friday night; sings about crying on one track and actually starts to cry while singing on another. Yes, there's something uncomfortable in witnessing a weepy, 6-foot-7-inch man-child rearrange the 88 pieces of his broken heart over the keys of an old upright piano, but that's just the half of it: The late-blooming Canadian is one hell of a prodigious songwriter, and Goon taps into the sepia-'70s heartache of Paul McCartney and Elton John rather than the sappy modern version, back when heartbreaks bled out inconsolably classic acoustic ballads instead of tear-stained stationery. "Can We Still Be Friends" could be a lost Let It Be B-side, and "How Could You Babe" trudges toward an impossibly cathartic chorus, graduating from mopey wallows to go-for-broke blue-eyed soul. He should have titled it "(Could've Been) Your Song." Wet, appropriately, opens. Tickets $16.

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