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Preview: The Soft Moon

Luis Vasquez plays Gasa Gasa Jan. 18



One week before mounting a two-month tour with U.K. rockers Killing Joke (who canceled due to health complications), Luis Vasquez — aka Oakland, California-based The Soft Moon — arrives in New Orleans under different circumstances: Instead of opening a theatrical production at Republic, he's the lone-wolf creeper stalking Freret Street on an uncrowded Monday night at Gasa Gasa. In other words, perfect conditions for The Soft Moon's brand of ambush. Vasquez's public profile may have been substantially raised by the two LP sequels to his eponymous 2010 debut (Zeros and Deeper, released last year on Captured Tracks), but his psychological one has steadily moved in the opposite direction, to the point where it's hard to imagine the protagonist of Deeper — a post-punk wraith who decorates his intense synth patterns with equally unsettling screams and whispers — preferring to share its clattering, reverberating atmosphere of self-imposed solitary confinement with anyone else. Hence scary/sexy breath piece "Black," the godfather-clocked countdown on "Wasting" and the haunting peacemaking of "Desertion." The only thing misery loves more than company is isolation. Tickets $10.

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