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Preview: The Jesus and Mary Chain

Noah Bonaparte Pais on the return of the '80s band that made an art of reverb and feedback



Early March in New Orleans, with its perfect weather and post-Carnival plastic carnage, would have been too easy for The Jesus and Mary Chain. Six months after losing a leg of their spring tour to visa complications, the haymaking Scots arrive under heavy gray skies with the tattered city looking like the caution-taped aftermath of 1985's Psychocandy crime spree. And maybe just in time: How better to break cabin fever or evacuate pent-up storm steam than the second coming of the Reid brothers' upside-down squall of sound, the sick thud of kick drum and unholy detuned guitar? Jesus and Mary Chain threatened fratricide in 1999, reformed at 2007's Coachella music festival (with Scarlett Johansson on "Just Like Honey" backup vocals) and has been promising a follow-up to 1998's Munki ever since. But no new material means no diluting a six-record repertoire that sounds more clairvoyant every year, the concentrate for volumes of coattail acolytes holding the Shangri-Las hostage in a garage, waterboarding sepia-toned pop with funhouse reverb and insatiable feedback. (Look for Jessica Pare, aka Mad Men's Megan Draper, who has taken part on this tour blowing barbed-wire bisous in the Johansson role.) The Psychic Paramount opens. Tickets $35.50 general admission, $75 balcony seating. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

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