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Preview: The Flesh Art Show

Body painting, acrobats, stilt walkers and burlesque performers, all at One Eyed Jacks March 20



Mar 20

The Flesh Art Show

8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Friday

One Eyed Jacks

615 Toulouse St.

(504) 569-8361

The Flesh Art Show

New Orleans acrobats, stilt walkers, aerialists and burlesque and belly dancers will perform in little more than paint and elaborate headdresses at the Flesh Art Show Friday at One Eyed Jacks. Twenty-three body-painting artists will have up to eight hours prior to the show to render full-body artistic visions on their performing models.

  "What makes the difference from other competitions and body-art events is that everybody in the show is a performer," says event founder and producer Rosemary Kimble. "They're not just up there doing the catwalk modeling thing. ... [I]t's more like a cabaret or a circus."

  In addition to the performers on stage, the show features music by funktronic band Gravity A, living statues painted in metallic colors and opportunities for audience members to have their bodies painted.

  Local participating artist Craig Tracy opened his Royal Street gallery featuring body painting nine years ago. His first exposure to body painting was the August 1992 cover of Vanity Fair, on which Demi Moore was pictured in a painted-on suit.

  "Whether it's canvas, wood, masonry, whatever an artist works on, it's generally a flat, dead square," Tracy says. "Painting a living, breathing, soul-filled human being that's 360 degrees and curvy in every place is hard to compare."

  In his third Flesh Art Show appearance, Tracy will paint an aerial performer with a design he bases on stained glass windows.

  Kimble began painting bodies 20 years ago and created her first Flesh Art Show in 2005. She currently produces a similar show in Atlanta.

  Tickets are $20 and a portion of the proceeds will go to ARTDOCS, a nonprofit program that helps artists get medical care.

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