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Preview: New Fangled Festival of Opera

Will Coviello on the Marigny Opera House’s third annual program of “micro-operas” less than 30 minutes long



Composer Chris Burton and singer Shelley Burton, who earned her masters degree in music from Loyola University, founded New Fangled Opera to feature young artists in new operas. The couple moved to Kansas in August 2013, but return to present the third New Fangled Festival of Opera. The program of micro-operas (10-30 minute productions accompanied by piano and minimal props) includes four one-act operas, with three new works and Mozart's comic short piece, The Impresario, about an opera company's rival divas (pictured). More than 70 works were submitted to the festival, and the three chosen include "Transition 1," a scene from Alex in Transition, in which a transgender woman visits her therapist to discuss a failed love encounter. The Box Office is a short modern opera about clueless customers and customer service. In Rapture, a mother and daughter await the end of the world and prepare to deal with the aftermath. The pieces feature young professional singers and directors from across the country.

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