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Preview: Neurosis

The Oakland, California hard rock outfit plays House of Blues Aug. 15



"We All Rage in Gold," the imposing gatekeeper to Neurosis' 10th LP Honor Found in Decay (Neurot), swings from feedback-squalling buildup to hard-line swagger to oppressively moody blues to pulverizing reprise. It's a six-minute ceremonial, a practical how-to on dynamic hard rock — and the second shortest track on the album. For the 30-year-old Oakland, California, juggernaut, this is what qualifies as a palate-whetter. Working again with recording engineer Steve Albini, whose rib-sticking low end makes for a perfectly queasy soulmate, the band renders every sonic detail with life-threatening attention; its tectonic shifts in volume give off lasting aftershocks, and even its rests (increasingly prevalent since Albini's entrance with 1999's Time of Grace) feel restless. "The one constant in our adult life has been Neurosis," singer/guitarist Steve Von Till says in a voiceover video trailer for Honor, as righteously epic as any three-minute music montage could possibly be. Yet for as consistent as the output has been — an album every two or three years, until the five years between Given to the Rising and Honor — the constant has been change: from bell-ringing hardcore welterweight to grunge gravedigger to static electrician to chaos conductor to this, an antler-impaled merchant of menace, raging in gold. Brothers of the Sonic Cloth and Iron Tongue open. Tickets $25.

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