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Preview: Jonathan Richman

The singer-songwriter comes to One Eyed Jacks Feb. 25



Jonathan Richman — one of a dwindling handful of living musicians with a claim to the best 7-inch ever recorded (1976's Beserkley split "Roadrunner/Pablo Picasso") — might not play those Modern Lovers classics during this triennial-treasure visit. Or he might decide to. He might want to play The Maytals' "Pressure Drop" instead, or something by Keith Richards, or maybe his own something about Keith Richards, "Keith Richards." He will sing in multiple languages (English and Spanish, certainly; French, probably; Hebrew, if the stars align). He should play at least four songs you might not have heard: "O Sun" and "Keith" (which may be about Keith Richards, in which case maybe you have heard it, or maybe it concerns an entirely different Keith), plus their respective B-sides, "Wait, Wait, Wait" and "Road to Bohemia." He will release both singles this spring on the Cleveland label Blue Arrow Records, an offshoot of the Cleveland record store Blue Arrow Records, the owners of which started a label in order to release new records by Richman, whom they drove home after a Cleveland show 18 years ago. Those 7-inch records definitely will be good, likely not as great as "Roadrunner/Pablo Picasso," but maybe. And if you see Richman walking down Toulouse Street Wednesday night, pull over. Tickets $15.

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