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Preview: Iceage with Lower and Heat Dust

Noah Bonaparte Pais on the Danish punk rockers coming to Siberia


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Elias Bender Ronnenfelt, the tornadic vocal presence at the center of Iceage, sings just one song in his native Danish on the band's second album, You're Nothing (Matador). The song is "Rodfæstet" (the title translates as "Rooted"), and despite the 21-year-old thrasher's developing mastery of English punk lyricism's desperate vernacular — "Bliss is momentary anyhow/ Yet worth living for, take me now," he bellows over a deceptively pretty descending chord progression on pressurized opener "Ecstasy" — it's enough to make you wish you could never understand him. Much of Iceage's amazingly direct body of work, which now totals 24 tracks and barely 52 minutes of music, is dispensed in the deep-breath confessionals of goth or the dislocated jawing of hardcore, but "Rodfæstet" comes out differently, spinning and churning, the centrifugal hub of a tightly wound, barely contained vessel. Where Ronnenfelt's unintelligible delivery on out-of-nowhere (Copenhagen, actually) 2011 debut New Brigade gave the album brutish power, here, sandwiched between the acid-rain assault of "It Might Hit First," the Replacements-leveled pop of "Awake" and the alarm-clocked titular closer, it's a respite, revealing beyond words. Lower and Heat Dust open. Tickets $10. — Noah Bonaparte Pais


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