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Preview: Hot Chip with the Howling Hex

Noah Bonaparte Pais on Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard at House of Blues March 25



"Look at where we are/ Remember where we started out?" Alexis Taylor invites on Hot Chip's 2012 release In Our Heads (Domino). After five dance albums, a dozen drop-dead singles and enough remixes to reinvent themselves over and over (and over), the moment seems ripe for reminiscence. Taylor and partner Joe Goddard have graduated from prep-school boy toying and mac-and-cheese last suppers to something less expected from two over-privileged London DJs: a nonironic heart beater and global spirit lifter, plumbing the depths of the human condition while keeping their coiffed English intonation and soigne sonics miraculously intact. As if recognizing that 2010's One Life Stand was light on impact tracks, the band opens In Our Heads with a showstopper, "Motion Sickness," symphonically cueing synth triples, bass horns, cowbell, kick drum and, finally, Taylor and Goddard's pedigreed harmonies — among the most comforting, recognizable sounds in pop music today — with a wonderful knock of a lyric, another invitation for perspective change: "Remember when people thought the world was round?" In Hot Chip's world, everything spins: planets, records, heads. The Howling Hex, aka post-Royal Trux screwball Neil Hagerty, opens. Tickets $30, $80 balcony seating. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

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