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Preview: Here We Go Magic

The band comes to Siberia Nov. 19



Luke Temple's Here We Go Magic has been lauded by Radiohead — even timesharing producer Nigel Godrich for 2012's A Different Ship — but the intimate Brooklyn outfit has always felt more like a secret side project than a trend-surfing buzz band. Temple also records under his own name, and the line between him and them is further blurred by October's Be Small (Secretly Canadian), a hiatus-filling bedroom record made with guitarist Michael Bloch that takes boiled-over 1970s prog rock and dials it back to a pleasing simmer. (Imagine if Yes had said no more often.) Temple's songwriting smarts are evident whether he's alone with an acoustic guitar or backed by a four-piece; here he manages the neat trick of compacting group material into just four hands, and there's a careful air to each of the resulting compositions, a menagerie of miniatures arranged in a stadium diorama. Schematic opener "Stella" and climbing single "Falling" are two of Temple's most instantly appealing tracks, upbeat synth patters that sound like demo sketches of classic hits. On "Girls in the Early Morning" and "Ordinary Feeling," he adopts a drowsy falsetto a la early Pink Floyd, and for "Tokyo London US Korea" he steers the unusual cadence in those four nouns into a squiggly jazz snowstorm. It encapsulates the album as a whole: a blizzard inside a globe. Big Thief and Ducky Rah open. Tickets $10.

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