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Preview: Frankie Cosmos at Siberia April 8

The singer-songwriter's Next Thing is out now



Some gene pools just feel rigged. Take Greta Kline, whose parental charms — she's the offspring of Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline — suggest an alternate universe where she's the funniest and most beautiful young actress in America. In this one, as wondrously androgynous pseudonym Frankie Cosmos, she's doing something even more astonishing: holing up in her bedroom with nothing but her most devastating recent memories and a thousand distant K Records echoes, emerging every few months with a new record that questions everything about her brief existence in ever-briefer pop form. In 2014, dozens of Bandcamp self-recordings culminated in Zentropy, her would-be debut LP — except that its 10 songs last only 18 minutes (their impact lasted considerably longer). Her follow-up, last year's Fit Me In EP, packed an emotional wallop in just four tracks over eight minutes, "Young" and "O Contest Winner" perfectly translating her fragile musings into the sturdiest headphone electronica. Out this week on Bayonet Records, Next Thing returns Cosmos to the world of shuffling bass kicks and soft synth murmurs, dispensing wisdom from the mouth of a babe whose deft way with words ("If your love was strong as my shame / I'd marry you and take your name") is dwarfed only by her ease with shattering two-minute arrangements. Next Thing has 15 of them, making it the year's best 29-minute "long-player" to date. Eskimeaux, Anna McClellan and Guts Club open. Tickets $8.

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