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Preview: Foxygen and Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Noah Bonaparte Pais on a dynamite double bill



There are many reasons to make original mp3 blog Said the Gramophone among your daily web check-ins: the deeply felt, stream-of-unconsciousness interpretations of music — remarkably filling for their bite size; or the amazing vintage-to-modern images chosen to precede them, a psych-test photo booth open to its own endless interpretation. On its best days, the site groups together artists, songs and photographs in such a way that it creates its own idea of harmony. Thursday, Jan. 17, was such a day: two fragmented review morsels, just seven sentences in total, of two of the most soulful songs of the new year, Foxygen's (pictured) "San Francisco" and Unknown Mortal Orchestra's "So Good at Being in Trouble," beneath the black-and-white capture of an assembly line of elderly women at work in a record factory, lovingly sleeving copies of the Beatles' Rubber Soul. Both easy-breezy pop singles with hooks that sound like they've always been around, the songs soon would share a label, Jagjaguwar (which within weeks released both bands' second albums, We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic and II respectively), and now a tour where they will be reunited in person, bringing Said the Gramophone's "whole acreages, counties, provinces of space" to this parish. Wampire and KG Accidental open. Tickets $12. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

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