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Preview: Fancy Pants

The new-ish New Orleans band plays the Circle Bar Dec. 29



Fancy Pants is one of New Orleans' newest bands. So new it doesn't yet have a full-length album (debut EP It's a Party arrived in May). So new its members still appear to really like one another (see The Shotgun Sessions' prog-grog "Project Dominate" and "Circle Life," in which the sextet romps around a living room wearing exuberant grins, hitting drum skins with a wallet resting on them). As with most young things in America, its Facebook is a precocious oversharer: an audiovisual open diary of a band's first year in existence. There you can get as deep into Fancy Pants as you dare.

  Watch — or, more precisely, listen — as singer Chelsea Hines makes her "studio debut," laying down catchphrase "Heyshithey!" behind a makeshift bedroom isolation booth of hanging bedsheets. Trip out to Stereolab miniature "Cloud Pop" via a series of big sky photos. Dance along with Hannah Weber to first video "Vista," staged at the gazebo in Audubon Park. Embark on tour and hit the road, waking up to a predawn remix of "Total Eclipse of the Heart"; return home to a Thanksgiving-eve throwdown at One Eyed Jacks. Become the de facto house band at Circle Bar. Impress everyone. Get written up in Gambit. Santa Monica, Calif., startup Orange Umbrella opens. Call club for ticket information.

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