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Preview: Dwight Yoakam at the Orpheum Theater

The country singer-songwriter honky-tonks into New Orleans



The range of singers Dwight Yoakam evokes on his latest album, Second Hand Heart — from preserved-in-formaldehyde Mick Jagger ("Off Your Mind") to kiln-fired Richard Buckner ("Dreams of Clay") — spans a time frame as wide and deep as Yoakam's 58 years. Chronology notwithstanding, it seems more appropriate to say they evoke him. There's little Yoakam hasn't done or can't do: traditional honky-tonk and reinvigorated rock, of course, but also lived-in film and TV roles as uncertain cops and maniacal robbers. (I've never buttered his line of Bakersfield Biscuits, but they're probably delicious too.) With 2012's 3 Pears, after a seven-year songwriting furlough, he climbed back on the barstool like he'd never fallen off, producing a 20th LP as dignified as a headstone and as raring-to-go as a debut. Second Hand Heart is his second Warner Bros. Nashville reboot in as many tries, another zero-to-60, country-mile burner where a guitars-and-Cadillacs tuneup would've done just fine. "You oughta record this anyway, just for kicks," he starts off "Liar," turning an ostensible demo into a rockabilly barnburner. Just for kicks. LANCO opens. Tickets $45-$178.

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