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Preview: Death Grips

The Sacramento group comes to One Eyed Jacks July 15



Death Grips isn't the last group you'd expect to possess an air of fatalism, but it wouldn't be the first, either. The biggest question with the Sacramento, California, trio — outbursting vocalist MC Ride, pugilistic drummer Zach Hill and producer/fixer Andy Morin — wasn't whether they had lasting impact, but whether they would last long enough to realize it. Just as furiously as their star ascended (two web releases bookending two landscape-razing studio LPs in three years), it imploded. A conflict with label Epic prompted an intentional leak of 2012's No Love Deep Web, with a cover image of the title scrawled across an erect penis; so long, record contract. Another year culminated in a high-profile Chicago nightclub no-show, a Lollapalooza cancelation and a mob of outraged fans releasing their frustration on the band's gear. In 2014, Death Grips announced plans for a mammoth double album (The Powers That B), issued the first half in June under the name Niggas on the Moon, and abruptly broke up a month later — the news coming via a note on a napkin posted to Facebook. As if the music wasn't divisive proof enough (utterly unclassifiable, but with a gun to your head, 45 rpm Bad Brains splattered by .45 caliber electro), these were the actions of a band on the brink. Just as flippantly, they're back: completing the Moon cycle with an even darker back half (Jenny Death), promoting a new outfit no one's ever heard of (The I.L.Y.'s) and expanding this comeback tour into October. Best catch it now before the inevitable eclipse. Tickets $25.

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