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Preview: Crosby, Stills and Nash

Noah Bonaparte Pais on the graybeard rock legends coming to the Saenger Theater Aug. 23



When your debut album drops in between the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy and mankind's first steps on the moon — and your second gig is at a little outdoor get-together called Woodstock — "generational" is a difficult tag to avoid. Few still-active groups wear it as well as David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash, who last month provided The Tonight Show with its best bit since Johnny Carson's departure: the trio crowding around Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young) for a harmony volley of Iggy Azalea's rap smash "Fancy." (Fallon/Young: "Trash the hotel." Crosby, Stills and Nash: "Let's get drunk on the minibar.") The irony fades quickly upon consideration of CSNY 1974 (Rhino), a ruby-anniversary, triple-LP and DVD remembrance of the band's fated "Doom Tour" that arrived the next day, amid a barrage of press anecdotes from the road to ruin — sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, mostly in that order — and how, at its tattered conclusion, the closest voices in counterculture folk hated each other's guts. It's all the more reason to pull a Fallon, add your voice to the chorus of "Teach Your Children" and be thankful that the times, they're still a-changin'. Tickets $79.85-$120.85.

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