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Preview: Cayucas and Brazos

Noah Bonaparte Pais on the bands coming to Circle Bar July 11



So far, the song of summer is a midnight Euro club smash whose shiny metallic exoskeleton is cold to the touch. Enter the lightweights: Bicoastal rookies Cayucas (pictured) and Brazos pose no threat to unmask Daft Punk's hostile takeover of pop music, but their respective debut albums are a matching pair of post-vacation seashell stowaways, the kind of sunbathing, daydreaming discoveries that could only emerge from the sleepy season. Named for the tiny beach-resort town 200 miles up Route 1 from Zach Yudin's base camp in Santa Monica, Calif., "Cayucos" — the pseudo-titular track that begins Cayucas' Bigfoot (Secretly Canadian) — mixes the subtropical sway and faded edges of New Orleans' Generationals with the ephemerality of a sand castle at low tide; "High School Lover" showcases Richard Swift's patchwork production, abandoning Beck's Odelay on a deserted island; and "Will 'The Thrill'" simultaneously gussies up and dresses down Vampire Weekend. Where Bigfoot has a decidedly escapist bent, Brazos' Saltwater (Dead Oceans) is more concerned with finding yourself on the return. Martin Crane's one-man, Austin, Texas, band is now a Brooklyn-based trio, and here he feels out his new sonic expanses, from Floating Action floaters ("Charm") to the Shins' ganglier jangles ("One Note Pillow"). "I feel summer sweeping out," Crane sings in one of his more direct moments. It's a gentle reminder that the days only get shorter from here. Eugene opens. Tickets $10. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

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