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Preview: Bob Dylan

The legend plays April 29 at the Saenger Theatre



There are Bob Dylan fans who want him to sound just like he does on the albums they own, and there are Dylan fans who appreciate his unpredictability. The comments section of a recent concert preview at (bear with me) turned into a sweetly shared, anecdotal retrospective of Bob Dylan shows past: last year, at Baton Rouge's Red Dragon Listening Room; in 2002 and 2011 at UNO Lakefront Arena; back-to-back nights at House of Blues in 1994; one "disastrous" gig at the Saenger in the early '90s. I've seen him just once, at Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheatre in 2007. I had the good fortune to be backstage covering My Morning Jacket, who had the better fortune to be Dylan's opener of choice. (You can imagine Jim James' face when describing that phone call.) I did my best to blend in to the surroundings, foolishly thinking I might even sneak around long enough to meet the man, but moments before he was to go on, I was whisked away by a Secret Service-level security detail. When the lights came up, he was standing center stage, oblivious to the light falling rain, sporting a Michael Jackson-esque black suit and white fedora, cocked low. He launched into "Everybody Must Get Stoned," and everybody did. Tickets $78.45-$110.50 (includes fees).

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