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Preview: Billy Idol with Broncho (CANCELED)

House of Blues show Jan. 21 canceled due to illness


Billy Idol's show was canceled due to the singer's illness. Ticketholders should contact House of Blues.

The yell is less rebellious, but Billy Idol's eighth studio album, Kings & Queens of the Underground (BFI), begins with one anyway, because of course it does. It's how, one wants to imagine, Idol enters every room. After flirting with the fringes of his range on 1993's techno-babbling Cyberpunk and 2005's artificially enhanced horn ball Devil's Playground, the only surprise is that it took him so long to remember that he's Billy Freaking Idol — literally all he has to do is show up, pepper a few brooding ballads with peroxide-dipped power pop and rock a whiplash sneer you can practically hear. Thankfully, digging up all the debauched anecdotes for his own-voice autobiography, last year's Dancing With Myself, seems to have put the 59-year-old icon back in the mood. Kings & Queens plays like a companion audiobook, particularly on its first side, where Idol finds himself back in MTV mode for the first time since "Cradle of Love." Any further inspiration needed will be guaranteed by Oklahoman jump-starter Broncho, whose way with a hooky single ("Try Me Out Sometime," "Class Historian") at least ensures Idol won't be dancing by himself.

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