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Praise the Lord, Pass the Ammo


  Gov. Bobby Jindal signed 940 bills sent to him by state lawmakers this year, but few got the national attention of House Bill 1272, sponsored by Rep. Henry Burns, R-Haughton. The bill, signed into law by Jindal on July 6, makes it legal for gun owners to bring concealed weapons into their local churches, synagogues or mosques as part of a house of worship "security force" — as long as the presence of firearms is disclosed to the congregation, either in person or through a weekly newsletter. Church security force teams, according to the law, must receive eight hours of training per year. The law takes effect Aug. 15.

  Meanwhile, Jindal continues to ride high in the polls. In late June, a Rasmussen Reports telephone poll of 500 likely voters found the governor's approval rating at 74 percent, 10 points higher than it was in April before the Gulf oil disaster. — Kevin Allman

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