Poo-Poo's Greatest Hits

Check out Poo-Poo Broussard's YouTube page ( to view these tried and true gems. My Lips is Chapped! The clip that started it all. In 30 seconds, Poo-Poo Broussard eloquently explains how his lips get chap, chap when it gets cold like dat. He then ruminates on the various products available to ease his suffering. Titanic Poo-Poo and a bearded lady friend give Academy Award nominees Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet a run for their money while boating on a pond in Carencro. Poo-Poo teaches her how to hold her arms out, like she was flying. To which she exclaims: "It's like I'm flying!" E.T. In this heartfelt rendering of the timeless movie E.T. , Poo-Poo and pals spot an alien-like creature. Although the trio is confused by what they see, Poo-Poo tells his friends, "Cook some rice." They then subdue the critter with bold Mid-South Wrestling moves. Poo-Poo Broussard 9 In a backyard confession, Poo-Poo talks about his troubled childhood and his lifelong struggle to come to terms with his gigantic teeth. In this inspirational account, Poo-Poo tells how he's learned to put the hurt on corn-on-the-cob and "learned to look on the side that has a lot of light on it."

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