Best of New Orleans

Best of New Orleans 2013: Politics


Best Louisiana Congressmember

1. U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu — Louisiana's only statewide elected Democrat is headlong into her quest for a fourth term in the Senate, and she remains a favorite among our readers. This is the third year in a row she has won this category.

2. U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise

3. U.S. Sen. David Vitter


Best New Orleans City Councilmember: Stacy Head
  • Best New Orleans City Councilmember: Stacy Head

Best New Orleans City Councilmember

1. Stacy Head — The council's outspoken vice president is No. 1 with Gambit readers for the second year in a row. This is always a competitive category, but Stacy was, well, head and shoulders above her colleagues.

2. Jackie Clarkson

3. Kristin Gisleson Palmer


Best Jefferson Parish Councilmember

1. Cynthia Lee-Sheng — The daughter of Jefferson Parish's late, legendary sheriff has become a political force in her own right, and our readers acknowledged that by choosing her as their favorite parish council member for the second consecutive year.

2. Chris Roberts

3. Paul Johnston


Best Member of the Louisiana Legislature: Karen Carter Peterson
  • Best Member of the Louisiana Legislature: Karen Carter Peterson

Best member of the Louisiana Legislature

1. Sen. Karen Carter Peterson — She doubles as a state senator from downtown and Central City and as chairwoman of the Louisiana Democratic Party, which makes Peterson the hardest working woman in state politics. Our readers rewarded all that work with top honors in this category.

TIE: 2. Rep. Neil Abramson

TIE: 2. Rep. Walt Leger

3. Rep. Helena Moreno


Best challenger for the upcoming mayoral election

1. Stacy Head — The odds heavily favor incumbent Mayor Mitch Landrieu for re-election next March, but if he does draw a serious opponent it could be Head, who also took top honors in the Best New Orleans Councilmember category.

2. John Georges

3. Drew Brees


Best local performer you'd like to see make a video from OPP

1. Lil Wayne — Mind you, we're not saying we'd like to see the rapper behind bars. We just wanted to know if our readers were tired of those real inmates having all the fun and inspiring so much political "bounce" with their amateur video. If Sheriff Marlin Gusman wants to let a real entertainer make a jailhouse video, our readers want it to be Lil Wayne.

2. Big Freedia

3. Kermit Ruffins


Best local scandal

1. OPP video — Each year this category gets more and more competitive, thanks to our scandalous local politicians, but this year the winner had a ... ahem ... breakout hit in more ways than one. We forgot to ask: Did the inmates get film tax credits for making that video locally?

2. Ray Nagin is indicted

3. Aaron Broussard goes to jail


Best name for an Aaron Broussard prison ministry

1. Aaron's Angels — Our readers had lots of fun this with one, but the runaway fave was Aaron's Angels. We'll take their word for it that there are in fact a few angels in the federal pen.

2. Crying In the Chapel Ministry

3. Jail House Rock Ministry


Best new online commenter name for federal prosecutors

1. Big Brother — Ouch! Is it just us, or did our readers score a two-fer by evoking the NSA scandal while picking a winner in this category? We won't speculate ... cuz you never know who might be listening in.

2. #notajudge

3. Ain't Dere No Mo

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